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New in our portfolio: QS SEAMASTER!

Born from over 25 years of experience in the boating industry and developed by two innovative companies (SAIM SpA and Quick SpA), QS Seamaster bow and stern thrusters represent the most advanced range of products available on the market. Complete line of DC, AC, DC-AC brushless, retractable and hydraulic thrusters from 40 to 1400 Kgf thrust, available with analog or digital connection systems, on/off or proportional commands.



QS Seamaster has developed a complete and advanced line of DC, brushless, AC and hydraulic electric thrusters. Designed by SAIM Marine, with almost thirty years of experience in the supply, assistance, distribution and design of products and systems in the marine business, and built by Quick SPA, a manufacturer of high-tech systems, one of the main players in the nautical industry, a manufacturer of innovative and reliable components. As in the most famous and fascinating industrial collaborations, the goal of this collaboration is to respond to the increasing demand for a technologically advanced product, top performance, but also for a sales, support and service network developed to offer a stress-free experience and provide tailor-made solutions. Built and designed entirely in Italy, the product range includes models from 40 to 1400 kgf for boats and yachts up to 220 feet. QS Seamaster propellers are available in DC, AC, DC-AC brushless or hydraulic versions, for installation in tunnels. They are also available in DC version or hydraulic for retractable models.