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Echopilot forward looking sonar integration with Raymarine Axiom displays

Danish-based marine electronics company, Daniamant, has introduced EchoPilot’s new Forward Looking Sonar, The FLS 3D Gen 4, exclusively compatible with Raymarine Axiom display. Allowing customers to integrate forward looking sonar to their Raymarine Axiom Displays, the new FLS 3D is easily connected to the Raynet via a RJ45 to Raynet cable. Once connected, the EchoPilot app will appear on the Axiom Display allowing users to see forward looking sonar on their display in real-time. Offering dual viewing of sea charts and forward looking sonar at the same time, the display can also be used in split screen for the ultimate in convenience.

In full, three-dimensional, colored display, when the FLS 3D is connected to the Axiom display, users will benefit from full 360 degree rotation of the 3D image via touch, as well as the zoom function. This will give a closer view of how the seabed terrain looks ahead and potential hazards are shown in real-time.

The FLS 3D comes with twin transducers to ensure complete forward coverage, comparable to any hull form.

Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, says, “We look forward to welcoming back our networks to our stand at this year’s METSTRADE. Our team of experts are excited to unveil the new FLS 3D Gen 4, which will be on display for demonstrations. We are thrilled that we can offer this seamless integration with Raymarine displays and look forward to giving end users more flexibility when it comes to choosing the best electronics for their boats.”

Gregoire Outters, General Manager at Raymarine, comments: “We are thrilled to be working alongside Daniamant to introduce the new EchoPilot system, integrating exclusively with Raymarine Axiom Displays. Offering consumers additional integrations to enhance safety in uncharted waters and in hazardous scenarios, the EchoPilot is a fantastic leap forward in providing the peace of mind and stress-free experience that boaters deserve.”

Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) are designed for navigation in difficult scenarios or unknown waters and offer insurance for your vessel against unseen obstacles, making difficult anchorages less stressful.